Kombucha SCOBY and pH Testing Strips Starter Set To Brew 1-Gallon Batch
Kombucha SCOBY and pH Testing Strips Starter Set To Brew 1-Gallon Batch

Kombucha SCOBY and pH Testing Strips Starter Set To Brew 1-Gallon Batch

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  • Includes: Large 4" Kombucha SCOBY + 1.5 Cups Starter Tea + 12 Kombucha pH testing strips + Detailed step-by-step Instructions
  • This SCOBY pack is PERFECT FOR NEW HOME BREWERS since it includes 1.5 cups of strong starter kombucha which will give your brew that extra edge for success!
  • Double packed in food-grade vacuum pouches. Always fresh. Never dehydrated. SCOBYs are freshly packed with love by BSF's experienced brewmasters.
  • Brindle Southern Farms kombucha cultures are top of the line, gorgeous, and most importantly power house brewing cultures!

Professional grade Kombucha SCOBY starter kit from Brindle Southern Farms, the Original SCOBY Co.

SEE THE Brindle Southern Farms DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF! Our gorgeous and robust SCOBYs offer the MOST pure commercial grade starter tea than any other SCOBY on the market. Our Premium SCOBYs are PERFECT FOR NEW HOME BREWERS and seasoned home brewers alike as the generous amount of 1.5 Cups of commercial grade 100% starting kombucha will give your brew the extra edge for success! Product purchase also includes access to our website resources and technical assistance to our customers.

SCOBY makes a one gallon batch. All Brindle Southern Farms, LLC. SCOBYs are top of the line, clean, round, gorgeous, and freshly harvested by our experienced professional brewmasters.y.

{About This Set}

You will receive a healthy, organic, commercial grade Brindle Southern Farms brand Premium kombucha SCOBY (approximately 4" in diameter) + 1.5 CUPS of strong starter kombucha +12 pH test strips (3 sheets of 4 strips each) + detailed instructions and recipe

The organic, commercial grade SCOBY and starter kombucha tea included will brew a delicious 1 gallon of fresh Kombucha.

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Brindle Southern Farms' SCOBYs are the original commercial grade SCOBYs for home brewing. We take pride in our products and guarantee our SCOBYs to be fresh & ready to brew. We sell our SCOBY cultures to private brewers and distributors who only use the best of the best to make their products. Brindle Southern Farms' SCOBYs are freshly harvested from the glass containers they are cultivated in. SCOBYs are double packed in food-grade vacuum pouches for safe arrival. Happy Brewing!